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Recorded, mixed, and mastered between May 2013 - January 2014 by Christopher Gilbert with the following exceptions: "Back Into The Light" was recorded and mixed by Ian Doerr, "Lynn" was recorded by Andrew Sadoway & Emily Jane Powers, mixed by Emeen Zarookian, "Part of Me" was recorded by Alec Jensen. "Lynn" originally appeared on Dwell & Dwell by Snooze. Performances by the following:

Emily Jane Powers: vocals, guitars, violin, cello, barimonster, tape manipulation, keyboard (2, 10)
Christopher Gilbert: drums, electric & upright bass, keyboard, robot drums, belly claps
Andrew Sadoway: drums (8, 9), baritone guitar (9), whurlitzer (5)
Alec Jensen: electric bass (3, 4, 8), drum machine (10)
Eric Brummitt: electric guitar (3)
George Steinhardt: hand claps (8)