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Email: ejp@emilyjanepowers.com
Instagram: @ejpmusic
Facebook: @emilyjanepowersmusic


Emily Jane Powers is a Chicago indie pop artist who plays guitar, violin, keys, drums, and sings. While she incorporates aspects of 60s pop, folk, and punk into her music, she has never looked to any influence but herself for a sense of direction. Known primarily for her densely arranged bedroom pop, Emily recently finished Part of Me, a new album that peels back the layers to reveal her most direct songwriting and creative production to date.

Emily's music has been a well-kept secret for over a decade. New listeners who stumble upon her back catalog will be overwhelmed by its size and richness. Starting in Michigan in 2002, Emily wrote and recorded an album nearly every year, honing a bedroom pop sound that was simultaneously lush, intimate, and playful. Fiercely independent, her albums were generally DIY in spirit and technique, but the final product had an undeniable universal appeal that set her apart from the lo-fi scene. Her sugary and multilayered sound reached perfection on 2009's Undertone, a joyfully luxuriant set of ten expertly crafted songs.

On Part of Me, Emily assesses the value and durability of her ties to the past. As with many of her previous albums, it explores past loves and friendships with a touch of nostalgia and a touch of hurt. Part of Me focuses largely on the latter. Assigning blame and offering forgiveness, Emily weighs the costs and benefits of her connections to the past in a struggle to determine which to keep and which to sever.